Camo Silicone Ring for Men

Silicone Ring Features

E3 Silicone Wedding Band Features.

Made from high grade medical approved silicone, the E3 ring is the perfect alternative to your metal ring, providing function without hindrance to honour your wedding vows. What makes this ring so great?

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible and Stretchable
  • Break away
  • Heat and UV resistant
  • Scratch and dent resistant
  • Hypo-Allergenic and Bio-Compatible
  • Non-conductive and Heat Resistant
  • Safety tested and Proven
  • Replaceable

These are but a few of the features that make the E3 ring so awesome, these rings will hold up during rock climbing and the most intense workouts you can think of.

Engineered for Safety

We want you to know that your personal safety is our top priority and primary concern. The E3 ring has undergone extensive research and testing to deliver a product that is comfortable and safe for “MEN or WOMAN AT WORK”.

Anti-Ring Avulsion Technology™

E3 Silicone rings are some of the safest rings on the market because of Anti Ring Avulsion Technology. Engineered to keep its shape, but will also break away in a potential ring avulsion accident. If the ring gets caught on significant force is applied, it will actually tear away! E3 Silicone Rings can help prevent ring avulsion, degloving and amputation.

Wear our silicone wedding bands if you:

  • Work with your hands or work with machinery (electricians, constructions workers, mechanics, machinists, etc.)
  • Face danger and/or you need to wear gloves (Firemen, police officers, military service members, and factory workers)
  • Are a healthcare professional and work closely with others (doctors, nurses, EMTs)
  • Lift and workout (athletes, triathletes, dancers)
  • Work with heat (welders, firefighters)
  • Have or work with infants, children or elderly (mothers, fathers, nannies, nurses)
  • Have hidden sensitivities and experience swelling in your fingers (due to pregnancy, diabetics, arthritis, injuries)
  • Want to experience life while being safe and honouring your commitments
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