E3 Silicone Rings – Meet your new favourite ring

Engineered specifically for hard work and safety, E3 Silicone Rings and Wedding bands have undergone extensive testing, proving their safety features for all occupations and activities. Now you can proudly carry your commitment to work, or wherever else you go.

What are Silicone Rings?

Engineered for Safety, Silicone rings are the perfect choice for men and women who have an active lifestyle, or if who work with their hands for a living, but still want to experience life while being safe and honouring their commitments.

Made form the most versatile, highest-rated composite medical grade silicone our E3 rings are sleek, flexible, and strong. Just like you. This ring adapts to your lifestyle and your work to make sure your hands and fingers are safe and sound. It’s engineered to last, and it’s the most functional alternative to a traditional wedding band. You’ll actually be excited to wear a wedding ring again!

E3 Silicone Wedding Bands

No matter where you go or what you do, the E3 Silicone wedding ring from Fitlab is the essential part of your gear that allows you to proudly carry your commitment with you. They’re stylish, durable, field tested, engineered to take a beating, and have been proven to be a SAFE alternative to metal rings for all jobs. E3 Silicone Wedding bands are a non-conductive, heat resistant, durable, SAFE wedding ring for electricians, linemen, firefighters, mechanics, construction workers, military, police, and anyone who works with their hands.


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